No Rocky Mountain Holiday Is Complete Without a Visit to – Useful Facts and Information

No Rocky Mountain Holiday is complete without a visit to Estes Park, Colorado. This city of about 6, 000 is situated 90 miles northwest of Denver and serves as their southern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. The main business of Estes Park is tourism, and is helped by the grandeur of the neighboring national park. People from all around the globe visit Estes Park in their Rocky Mountain vacations. Estes Park offers a broad range of activities. There are local gift and souvenir stores, and most offer a choice of jewelry handmade by local artists. There are also several galleries, a historic museum, and a number of spas.

A broad selection of restaurants provides everything from coffee and bagels to crazy game, so you are sure to find something for everybody in your family. Outdoors is the perfect way and Estes Park has lots of activities. In addition to camping out, hiking, and fishing, you may like to try mountain climbing, Alpine rock climbing, horse riding, mountain biking, or river rafting. If you are somewhat less adventuresome, try golfing or birdwatching. A panoramic drive through Rocky Mountain National Park is the ideal way to see wildlife. Finding a location to remain on your Rocky Mountain vacation is simple.

In addition to chain hotels and motels, you will find a lot of cabins, lodges, and bed and breakfast inns to select from. If you prefer camping out, there are numerous campgrounds in or near city, and at Rocky Mountain National Park and at neighboring Roosevelt National Forest. Undoubtedly the many famous and many recognizable building in Estes Park is their Stanley Hotel. It had been built by F.O. Stanley, their co inventor of their Stanley Steamer automobile. He initially came to Estes Park in their summer of 1903 to recuperate from tuberculosis. He decided to remain in their area and opened his hotel at 1909.

The elegant Stanley Hotel hosted many famous guests through years, such as John Phillip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, their Emperor of Japan, and innumerable giants of business and industry, in addition to many Hollywood film stars. The Stanley Hotel experienced renewed popularity after being described as their Overlook Hotel in their Stanley Kubrick movie, The Shining. The original story was written by Stephen King after he was in the hotel and experienced encounters with a few of the ghosts who’re believed to haunt the Stanley Hotel. The Hunting of their hotel has been investigated by their TV programs Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. For all those that Want a really unforgettable Rocky Mountain vacation may Want to reserve room 217, where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining, or attempt room 418, probably the most haunted rooms in the hotel.

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